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Stream Your Wedding Film To Your Television Easily

For about a year now we've been using an all new online hosting and delivery platform to bring our wedding films to our clients. It's called WedFlow and it's revolutionary in many ways. Now that we can pretty much declare DVDs and BluRay Discs dead the future is bright for wedding film streaming.

We've partnered with WedFlow to make 4K delivery of our beautiful and emotional wedding films easy for couples to stream to their mobile devices, computers and television sets. This amazing platform allows us to not only delivery you a high-quality streaming video of the cinematic highlights wedding video but also the full ceremony, and reception long-form videos in full HD and 4K!

Each part of the day is broken into easily selectable chapters but you can play them all in order by clicking the "play all" button on the interface. WedFlow also has apps for Apple TV, Roku, most Smart TVs and of course you can play the collection of videos in your PC browser or on any portable device. It's by far the best way to view, share and even download your wedding videos.

We always encourage our clients to download all of the videos first thing using the download feature in the collection player. WedFlow guarantees 10 years of hosting and streaming so it's a great idea to download all of the original video files and save them to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

It's always a smart idea to make multiple copies. We try to hang on to original files as long as can but sometimes we need to make room on our servers for new weddings so we cannot guarantee lifetime hosting.

We love the WedFlow experience and are sure you will, too. Check out one of our actual deliverable WedFlow collections below and see how easy it is to share and stream the videos for yourself.

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