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What is the difference between the creative highlights film and the full ceremony and reception edits?

The creative highlights film is artistically and cinematically edited with music and dialogue. It is edited in the signature style you see in my examples. The length varies on the package you book and whether you choose to extend its length.


Full ceremony and reception edits are the entire ceremony, introductions at the reception, first dance, parents dances, toasts, cake cutting formalities and party dancing shot from multiple angles and edited cleanly with the original sound so you can watch them all the way through. The length of these are determined by how long each of the actual sections are. For example if you had a 45 minute ceremony the ceremony video is ~45 minutes. You can watch each of these sections separately or play them in order one after the other.  The total of all of these videos is usually 45-90 minutes depending upon the wedding and the length of each event. 


We don’t edit a longer, old-style video that includes everything together like a traditional videographer would.

Here's a link to a delivery collection that has both types.

Do we get to select the music that gets used in our creative highlights film?

While you won't be able to select specific songs you may tell us what genre of music you prefer and we will do our best to match the mood and style of that music.  All of the music we used is licensed, meaning we purchase the rights to use it and we cannot procure popular mainstream music.  Our films are best made with instrumental score that helps to allow the dialogue to blend with the music and visuals.  We can discuss music options during our creative call about a month before the wedding.

How many hours of coverage will I need for my wedding day?

We always recommend at least 10 hours for most wedding days.  This will allow us to capture the pre-ceremony activities as well as most of the reception. We generally don't need to be in attendance during the final hour of the reception unless you are planning some sort of a special exit or event at the very end that you wish to have captured.  Our 8 hour coverage option is only recommended for shorter wedding days where all events are happening in a single venue with no travel required.

We love the style of your work but we have seen other wedding films that are different and we like those, too.  Can you replicate another filmmaker's style for our video?

This is a tricky question to answer so we try to make it simple by putting it this way:

Our style is our style.  We have worked hard for years to develop our replicable, stylized look and we do our best work when left to do what we know best.  However, if there's something specific you want let us know and we will forthright about our thoughts and ability to comply.  We cannot complete emulate a specific style that looks nothing like the examples of our work.  We would recommend you book a videographer whose style you like best.

What is required to book my wedding date?

We require a flat non-refundable retainer payment of  $2,000 to secure the date and your final balance will be split into 2 payments; 50% due 4 months prior to the event and the final balance due 14 days prior to the event.

If you are booking within 4 months of your wedding date 2/3 of the total package prince is required as a non-refundable retainer.  All major credit cards are accepted and payment made be made online through our client portal.

We love the idea of drone footage but how much will actually get used in the video?

The drone is purely a creative tool not a coverage option.  This means that the shots we capture with the drone are meant to be used in your creative highlights film only, not the longer cleaned-up edits of the ceremony and reception.  The average film on a typical 10 hour wedding coverage day contains approximately 6-8 shots but more may be used if the opportunity exists.  Please bear in mind that the drone cannot be utilized in poor weather, high winds or where restricted by airspace boundaries set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration or local government officials.  We absolutely cannot fly anywhere over major cities.  We use procured stock footage in these instances.


Do you work well with photographers?

We enjoy sharing the sandbox with other creative professionals.  The great thing about the way we shoot is we don't require extra additional time with you in order to get our creative shots.  We work well alongside photographers who understand the value of videography as an art-form and who have a similar visual style.  As long as your vendor's style's match in terms of the artistry you won't have an any problems.  If you want to guarantee amazing videography and photography my wife Vanessa Joy is a world class photographer (no, really.  She is a Canon Explorer of Light Ambassador) and is widely considered one of the best wedding photographers in the world.  Her work can be found here.

Are you insured?

Yes. We carry $2,000,000 worth of general liability and $50,000 worth of drone accidental damage coverage. if your venue requires a certificate of insurance they can contact us directly.

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