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wedding stories.

Wedding Day
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Now in our 23rd year making beautiful wedding films.

We believe it is crucial that your film be timeless.

We craft wedding film stories that hold up to decades and the passage of time.

Best of all, we do it discreetly - like video ninjas.

What you see is what you get. 

We strive to make beautiful wedding videography with consistent quality and artfulness to tell the story of you.

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Rob Adams

Primary Cinematographer


I began filming weddings in 1997 with a background in TV production. To date, I have filmed more than 600 of them since starting Rob Adams Films in 2006. I am honored to say that our films are widely regarded as the standard for quality wedding cinematography the world over.  Through the holding of workshops and online education I've been teaching my methods to the industry for more than 10 years. My lovely wife, photographer Vanessa Joy is a Canon "Explorer of Light" and a renowned wedding photographer and educator.


Niño Gallego


Bowtie Master

Every Groom and Groomsman Niño encounters praises him as a saint.  Niño ties bowties like its nobody's business.  He saves the day on a regular basis.  He's also an amazing videographer who has been filming at my side for nearly 11 years.   Niño is a military war veteran and a true artist in the video world. His creative eye is unparalleled as he routinely shows a great ability to find the best light.  All of the magic you see from Groom's side of the day before the ceremony is Niño's artistry.  In his spare time Niño loves to work on cars, spearfish and scuba dive.


Alina Zimmerman


Producer of Tears

Alina's magic drives the emotion of Rob Adams Films.  She's a culinary film master who has a great knack for audio and taking your words and blending them with our visuals to craft your story.  Many of the films you see here are Alina's creations from the edit suite.  She's also a talented musician who performs regularly and has numerous vocal credits on productions ranging from Nickleodeon to Netflix.  If you cry at one of our films it is likely that Alina had a hand in making that happen.  She also moonlights as a model.


Jaye Kogut

Studio Manager

Wind Beneath Our Wings

For more than 8 years, Jaye has been the lifeblood of our day-to-day operations.  When you make the (correct) decision to hire Rob Adams Films, Jaye is the one who facilitates the booking and helps you to plan for an amazing wedding experience.  Jaye is the one who allows us to focus on the creative so your film gets our primary attention, but she's not blind to the creative process.  She is an established photographer herself and understands the nuance involved with photo and film on a wedding day.  Jaye loves dogs and is a newlywed, herself.

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Charles King


Drone Master

Ever since drones became a mainstay in modern wedding films Charles King has been our man in the skies.  Charles' skill with aerial video is top notch and every wedding he stuns us with his flying skills.  Charles has flown in exotic destinations around the globe and from sea to shining sea.  Having Charles getting the bird's eye view allows Rob and Niño to concentrate on capturing the emotion of the day, never having to put down their cameras to take to the air.  Charles is an avid marksman, photographer and gadget enthusiast. 

Wedding Embrace
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Cinematographer (Rob Adams)

8 Hours On-Site

5 Minute Creative Film 

Drone Footage

4K Ultra-High Definition Quality

Netflix-Style Streaming



Cinematographer Rob Adams

Second Cinematographer

10 Hours On-Site

1 Minute Instagram Teaser

10 Minute Creative Film

Drone Footage

4K Ultra-High Definition Quality

Netflix-Style Streaming

1 VideoBook Heirloom


Pre-Wedding Engagement Film

Cinematographer Rob Adams

Second Cinematographer

10 Hours On-Site

2-3 Minute Social Media Preview

13 Minute Creative Film

Drone Footage

4K Ultra-High Definition Delivery

Netflix-Style Streaming

Unedited Raw Footage on Flash Drive

3 VideoBook Heirlooms

Wedding Table

Packages start at $3999